Medium Voltage Soft Starter



    HRVS-DN PowerStart   Heavy Duty Digital Medium Voltage Soft Starter - HRVS-DN PowerStart
    The ProGear is a fully type tested, arc resistant medium voltage soft starter switchgear according to IEC 62271-200. It adheres to the highest safety standards and provides superior protection and performance.
    • Rated: up to 12kV, 1250A
    • Internal Arc Test 31.5kA/1sec, IAC: A-FLR
    • Short-time withstand current 31.5kA/3sec
    • Dielectric Test - Power Frequency 28kV 60sec - Impulse voltage 75kV
    • Temperature Rise Test
    • IP54 Protection Degree
    DriveStart   IGBT Based Medium Voltage Soft Starter – DriveStart
    Optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque
    • Provides full torque start
    • Starts at nominal motor current or lower
    • Enables motor starting from weak electrical networks
    • Reduces motor heat at start enabling use of standard motors
    • Reduces peak network demand

    Saving costs, energy and space while meeting top performance requirements
    • More economical than a Medium Voltage VFD, yet provides similar soft start and soft stop features
    • Integrated bypass protects against energy loss during operation, optimizes energy efficiency and reduces operational costs
    • Streamlined design drastically reduces the footprint requirements
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    L-Series MVE  
    L-Series MVE - IEC Type Tested Soft Starter Panels
    The MVE soft starter is a powerful and reliable solution for your medium voltage starting requirements.

    Extensive personal safety features, an easy-to-use graphical interface , and comprehensive built-in motor/load protection make this well balanced solution for your medium voltage needs. MVE brings together sophisticated soft start motor control functionality in a robust yet compact physical configuration.

    MVE is available as a fully-furnished cabinet, or we can retrofit MVE into your existing system. Turn-key MVE kit-type soft starters can be installed with minimal downtime. In addition to standard packages, we can supply a complete line-up to meet your requirements.
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